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Vehicles crash into restaurants, stores, and other types of businesses often, injuring (sometimes killing) customers and employees.

This has been an unheralded, below-the-radar problem for far too long. Typically, these accidents happen as drivers are pulling into or out of ‘nose-in’ parking spaces that face pedestrian areas and storefront businesses (such as convenience stores, salons, daycare centers and many others). Sometimes, however, the vehicle comes into the building from an adjacent street — due to a variety of causes (i.e., driver error, medical issues, police pursuits, DUI).


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Possible Solutions

  • While we hope techniques and technologies can be developed to reduce driver error, seeking behavior change alone is unlikely to prove sufficiently effective.
  • Drivers are fallible and always hold the potential to make mistakes. Installing adequate barriers in front of vulnerable buildings is one way to protect pedestrians, customers and employees of storefront businesses.
  • The Council is open to all input and encourages knowledgeable stakeholders to contribute suggestions and case study examples of effective solutions.


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NEW UPDATE — Just 19% of Drivers Account for 45% of Vehicle-Into-Building Crashes!

NEW UPDATE — Just 19% of Drivers Account for 45% of Vehicle-Into-Building Crashes!

The Storefront Safety Council is releasing updated statistics on vehicle-into-building crashes. This latest release includes a startling percentage — one group that makes up just 19% of all licensed drivers is responsible for something like 45% of such storefront crashes.

Those 19% of licensed drivers responsible for 45% of all storefront crashes are drivers over the age of 60.

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More About The Safety Council

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About the Council

The Storefront Safety Council is comprised of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about ending vehicle-into-building crashes. Founding members include experts in perimeter security, parking, personal injury law, risk management, and related professions and industries.

We are collaborating in order to:

  • Raise awareness about this very preventable problem
  • Explore prevention and protection strategies
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Educate key professionals and stakeholders
  • Document, test, and advocate for effective risk-reduction practices
  • Encourage applicable research and share best practices from related disciplines


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Co-Founder: Rob Reiter

A long-time veteran of the security barrier industry, Rob was motivated to focus on protecting pedestrians from vehicle incursions by the 2003 Santa Monica Farmer’s Market tragedy in California in which an 86-year-old driver mowed down dozens of people, killing 10 and injuring 63.

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Email: rob.reiter [at]

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